16 Beautiful Places To Visit In Al Khobar For a Vacation

Khobar is a city and governorate in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf. This city has a wide variety of attractions to see because of its expansive landscapes, glittering seashores, lovely parks, and magnificent buildings. So, let’s check out the top 16 best places to visit in Al Khobar in order to choose and explore these incredibly alluring locations with family and friends. 


1. The Corniche

The Corniche is the most popular and famous tourist destination in Al Khobar. This seaside walkway connects Half Moon Bay to Dammam via the Aziza Oceanside. The abundance of open space along the shore, which is well-liked by tourists, will be especially loved by families. The neighborhood has several playgrounds and seating areas perfect for a picnic with kids. People are allowed to jog, walk, or ride their bicycles on the Corniche’s paths. The area is also an excellent spot to watch and enjoy peaceful sunsets.

Location: Al Khobar


2. Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach is a popular vacation spot in Saudi Arabia’s eastern area, where the shoreline is the longest in the Gulf region, stretching for almost 700 km making it one of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia. The Beach refers to the beach’s curved shape, which is reminiscent of a half-moon. The topography facing the sea is shaped like an arc, which makes for a spectacular sunset vista. If you’re visiting Saudi Arabia for your honeymoon, you can partake in a range of water sports, horseback riding, and motorbike excursions. In addition, sand surfers and explorers practice their sport where the beaches meet the dunes.

Location: Al Khobar


3. Khobar Water Tower

The Khobar Water Tower is a three-story structure that is located on an island that is surrounded by water to the north of the Khobar Corniche. At the top of the tower, there is an international café where families can enjoy a delectable dinner and a breathtaking view of the city. Despite being only a water tank, it is nonetheless rather impressive. It has evolved into a well-known landmark in Khobar over time.

Location: Alkurnaish, Al Khobar 34413, Saudi Arabia


4. Prince Ibn Jalawy Park

The best family park in Saudi Arabia is Prince Saud Bin Jalawi Park, which is a local and tourist favorite in Al Khobar due to its proximity to the city’s business core. The park’s abundance of over 100 trees and more than 35 different flower types make it the ideal setting for people and families looking for a special experience and gorgeous pictures. It offers plenty of swings and climbing frames in kid-friendly play areas. Parents can unwind on the wonderful benches in the park while watching their kids play under wooden umbrellas. Four of its fountains offer beautiful vistas at night when the park’s approximately 300 lights are turned on.

Location: Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Rd, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34443

Open Hours: 07:00 am to 10:00 pm


5. Al Rashid Mall

Al Rashid Mall is one of the best places to shop in Al Khobar with the family. It includes roughly 650 stores and parking space for 6,000 cars. It also features well-known shops and brands, fine dining establishments, and a kid-friendly area with rides and arcade games. Women can hang out and shop in a special Boulevard area of the mall. With beauty parlors, accessory shops, jewelry stores, and a variety of activities and events, it is a distinctive location. There are fun family activities in Al Khobar at The Fun City, which has over 90 games, including Let’s Go Jungle, Family Guy pinball, and Haunted Mansion.

Location: Firas Ibn Al Nudur St, Olaya, Al Khobar 31952

Open Hours: 9:30am–11pm from Saturday to Thursday | 2–11pm on Fridays


6. Dughaither Island

Dughaither Island, which is located south of Al-Khobar, is a about 2,000 square meter area. It can be identified by its unique Red Sea location and the breathtaking views of the surrounding vegetation. Additionally, it offers access to a variety of entertaining water sports and contains foreign restaurants with views of the ocean. For culinary lovers and for spending quality time with family and children, the village is great. The Mercure Al Khobar Hotel, Ascott Corniche Al Khobar, and Centro Corniche are just a few of the excellent lodging options close to the hamlet.

Location: Al Khobar


7. SciTech Technology Center

One of the most distinctive sites to visit in Al-Khobar is the Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Center (SciTech). Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz constructed this cutting-edge science facility in 2006 so that researchers and students may share information and resources. More than 350 scientific exhibitions about science and technology are housed in the center’s pavilion. The SciTech also features an observatory, a science dome, an aquarium, and an education center. Additionally, it contains an IMAX dome where the most recent science movies are shown. Both young children and teenagers should enjoy their time at SciTech.

Location: Corniche, Alkurnaish, Al Khobar 34412 31952

Open Hours: 9am–12pm Friday to Thursday, 4–10pm on Fridays


8. Khobar SeaFront

Khobar Seafront is the ideal location to spend a day outside with its hiking trails, bicycle routes, lounging places, and entertainment venues. Visitors can go on picnics with their families and children. Tourists that visit the area are drawn in by the traditional souks selling genuine Saudi trinkets that line the shoreline. For the convenience of the tourists, the seafront is flanked by numerous five-star hotels and eateries. Visitors can also reserve boat excursions to take in breathtaking views of the Red Sea and the nearby vegetation.

Location: 75RJ+86P, Firas Ibn Al Nudur St, Olaya, Al Khobar 31952


9. Taybeen Museum

One of the most stunning museums in the Eastern Province is the Al-Taybeen Museum. It is a museum whose mission is to preserve Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage. It has a 300 meter square footprint. Majid Al-Ghamdi, the proprietor, gathered all of the relics from the previous century, including vintage gadgets, drinks, games, and candy packaging. A Quran is also present in the museum. Visitors will find albums, classic sofas, kitchen items, ancient televisions, historical cameras, cell phones, and much more as they wander around the 400-year-old, hand-written document.

Location:  Al Sheraa, Al Khobar 34742, Saudi Arabia

Open Hours:  16pm–22pm


10. King Fahd Causeway

The 25 kilometer King Fahd Causeway connects Bahrain and the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The dam begins at al-Ajjiya south of Al-Hova, Saudi Arabia, and extends to Al-Jasra west of Manama, Bahrain, across the Gulf of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. It is made up of a lengthy bridge connecting Bahrain’s Nasan Island to Khobar and a more compact part connecting Nasan Island to Bahrain’s main island. When visiting Al Khobar, travellers should not skip this site.

Location: Al Khobar


11. Azizyh Beach

Aziya Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Al Khoar and a place frequented by tens of thousands of tourists every year, because the beach enjoys stunning pristine nature, clear blue water and soft white sand. Water sport enthusiasts go from all over the world to the beach to engage in activities like jet skiing, paragliding, windsurfing, and more. Along with various amenities, the beach has cafes, cafeterias, clean restrooms, and much more.

Location: Al Khobar


12. Loopagoon Water Park

One of the most picturesque water parks in the Middle East is called Loopagoon. Here, guests may enjoy fantastic wave pools, very tall water slides, and pools with various depths appropriate for all skill levels. Additionally, the area is well-equipped with lovely huts that may be hired, a women’s section, shaded rest places, and other shaded rest spots.

Location: End of Half Moon Beach, Dhahran 34821, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Open Hours:  14pm–22pm


13. Gosaibi Village

Al-Gosaibi Village is a large commercial center with a significant amount of shops that specialize in selling a wide range of goods and items (such as clothing, presents, perfumes, etc.) from a number of national and international companies. Additionally, it has a sizable number of eateries and cafes that serve ice cream, desserts, and other foods and beverages. This makes cozy outside seating available.

Location: 863C+5W7, Prince Turkey Street, Al Yarmouk, Al Khobar 34424


14. Desert Heritage Exhibition

It is one of the most notable and well-known tourist destinations because it incorporates the history and landmarks of the desert into a single structure. Due to its antique and historical items, it also brings together a collection of the best authentic desert designs from the beginning of the Bedouin tribal arts. It debuted in 1990 A.D. It exhibits a variety of the most unique items from the ancient Bedouin heritage, including carpets, textiles, silver decorations, daggers, maps, tires, Saudi furniture, handicrafts, and Saudi home doors.

Location: Al Khobar


15. Escape The Room

In Saudi Arabia, Escape The Room is a brand-new idea that caters to adventure seekers. A small group of participants must figure out the clues in the exercise and attempt to leave the chamber in 60 minutes. It keeps the excitement and fun going at all times while testing a person’s ability to work with the group and their problem-solving skills. To keep the concept interesting and fun for frequent guests, the subject of the rooms changes depending on the season.

Location:  1C Al Hizam Al Akhdar, 3857 Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


16. Family Park

Family Park offers entertaining water activities and games to encourage visitors to have a good time. Beautiful sand, numerous swimming pools with waterslides, and a beach are all there. Many families visit this location to unwind and have a lovely day. You should take your family to this wonderful location if you are in Al Khobar.

Location: Al Khobar


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So here are the top 16 places to visit in Al Khobar. All of these Al Khobar tourist attractions and places to see are easy to get to and can be accessed by cab or automobile.  Plan ahead, especially if you’re taking kids, to avoid any last-minute headaches.


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